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Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that. When mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, they can be translated into riches.



Reliable, trusted financial guidance is worth its weight in gold.The Scott Lask Wealth Management Group is based on four key attributes. 1) Lose less in a down market, 2) An emphasis on cash reserves, 3) Setting up your retirement with guaranteed payments, 4) Enjoying our service and having a great experience with our team.

We start with a risk assessment with proprietary tools. Then we look at your current portfolio and strategy to see how it matches your desire for risk. It all begins with a phone call or email.

845-774-2745 direct,

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RCS Professional Services is a full-service IT Managed Service Provider offering IT and Cyber-security solutions, products, and services to small and medium-sized businesses in the New York Tri-state and Atlanta areas.

RCS proactively develops and maintains the individualized IT infrastructure that its client companies need to both sustain their businesses — and grow.

To learn more, call Esther Deutsch at 646-837-8578,

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Are you overspending? With a simple invoice review, Profitrust can reduce your operating expense costs while keeping you with whomever you use now. Our purchasing power allows us to offer our clients access to some of the lowest rates in the country.

Our “OverspendID” Process is proven and simple, and most of the time our clients did not know they were overspending. We eliminate overspend and get the pricing you deserve. Our fees are a percentage of the savings we create and are strictly contingent and performance-based. In the end, we can only save you money.

Call Seth Rubin at 212.847.0693,

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We understand the challenges of running a business and partner with companies of different shapes and sizes to handle IT in a meaningful and effective way.

We don’t have a board or investors and as a result, can operate purely in the best interests of the clients we serve.

The world is changing rapidly and MagicDesk is built to directly reflect the needs of a modern business.

Security can’t take a back seat. With information being the currency of our time, malicious threats are more prevalent than ever before. Flexibility and cost containment shouldn’t come at the cost of security. Employees need to be able to access their workstations from anywhere; home, a café, an airport, you name it, without compromising security.

To learn more email Steve Korniech at

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Who We Are

In early 2020 business people across the globe found themselves in the middle of a crisis. Our ability to conduct business through traditional channels became untenable, Lunches – out! In-person meetings, going to the office, water cooler conversations… even shaking hands were simply forbidden.

It was a scary time. We found ourselves on soggy ground. It was a time of tremendous stress.

In the middle of this crisis two people took it upon themselves to take action, to bring business people together again. Luke Van Every and Esther Deutsch picked a meeting time, invited some business associates to join them, and started to rebuild a business community that was truly lost at sea. This networking organization is the result of their genius and initiative.

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Why We Are Different



Our culture is about acceptance and support. We’re here to listen, suggest, connect. We are open to you business story and are ready to help you build the organization that you seek.

No business categories are closed, we have many people in the same field who respect and support each other. We’re not competitive, rather we are there to promote growth and business development.



When we share news and programs on the weekly Roundtable Discussion we are speaking the truth about our business goals and who we want to meet. Our group is founded on trust in each other. And it is this trust that forms the bonds that allow us to network with confidence.



We measure our success by relationships formed, connections made, business education, and deals done.



Just like your family we are supportive, generous and forgiving. You don’t have to be at every meeting. You can multitask, eat lunch, keep your business going while attending our meetings. We chose to stay off video just for this reason.

We’re not here to be a burden, rather to deliver 90 minutes of learning, connecting and business building.


Our Leadership

Luke Van Every

Luke Van Every


Experienced Sales Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the human resources industry. Skilled inMicrosoft Word, Sales, Sales Operations, and Customer Satisfaction. Strong sales professional. Expert in HRManagement, ACA Compliance, Employee Benefits, Strategic HR Services and more.

Luke leads our weekly In This Together Roundtable networking call each Tueday at 11:00 a.m. ET. He is a brilliant connector and moderator and has been recognized widely for his ability to build solid and useful business relationships.

Click the link to learn about Lukes new company True Compare PEO.

Esther Deutsch

Esther Deutsch


A Social Worker and Ops Manager, Esther is very passionate about leadership development, education, and problem-solving through innovation.

She loves to network and build thriving communities by leading with heart, sparking creativity, and empowering individual team members to unite and take responsibility for collectively spreading an organization’s mission and core purpose.
Her experiences include teaching adults and adolescents of all ages and abilities, founding and running multiple not-for-profit organizations, and producing a variety of events and workshops for both the profit and not-for-profit sectors.
Esther currently works in Tech and Operations at RCS Professional Services and also teaches part-time at the University level.
Her favorite quote is: “Leadership is a stance in the world. It’s not a job title” and she’s a big believer in the power of hard work and commitment. Esther is always up for networking and looks forward to connecting with everyone.

PJ Ewing – Marketing & Membership

PJ’s education started at The University of Michigan (BA) and continued at The University of Notre Dame (MBA Marketing). He worked on major mass market brands at Leo Burnett Advertising and Tracy Locke (McDonald’s, Kraft, Pepsi) and then helped build and sell a company called Screenvision. After years building sales teams selling non-traditional media he became the Chief Marketing Officer at X10 Therapy where he continues to create marvelous marketing each day.

In addition to that wonderful work, today PJ helps and small and medium businesses grow leveraging his deep knowledge of marketing strategy and practice. You can learn more here: CMO

PJ Ewing

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